Hygrocybe conica

Came across these beautiful hygrocybe conica specimens catching the bus one morning. It’s likely I completely looked over these for a few days as they blended right in with the fall colors and fallen leaves. Thankfully I stooped down for whatever reason and was pleasantly surprised by these little fellas. A few days later I realized …



In hopes of catching a nice batch of Coprinus to look at the first thing I did when I went outside today is run over to see if any new mushrooms had popped up since yesterday. I was in luck. This morning I finally was able to capture a few good photos of intact Coprinus …


It’s fall where are the mushrooms?

It’s late October and I really was expecting to have more mushroom photos to share. Last I checked the leaves are changing color and it’s raining. It’s definitely fall so where are the mushrooms? A few weeks ago I was so happy to see mushrooms sprouting up in my yard. There were a few different varieties growing …

Mitrula elegans

Mitrula elegans

Hiking up to the Snoqualmie Tunnel today I came across a patch of Mitrula elegans growing in the water alongside the trail. Though small, their bright orange tops peeking out of the water were easy to spot against the dark brown leaves and green algae they were growing in. Their hollow whitish-grey stem is thin …


Paxillus involutus (Poison Pax)

This afternoon while watering the lawn I found two Paxillus involutus (Poison Pax) growing underneath one of my hyacinths. P. involutus is also known as the brown roll-rim due to it’s brown inrolled cap. This thick yellow fleshed mushroom is soft to the touch and it’s depressed cap looks and feels a bit like soft leather …


Puffball mushrooms

I found the batch of puffball mushrooms (on the brown paper bag) along one of the many hiking trails along I-90. I was taking a beginning mushroom identification class at the time and we had been given the task to gather mushrooms to identify in class the next day. The puffball picture with the identification …

shelf mushroom

Shelf Mushroom

This beautiful shelf mushroom photo is not mine. A friend emailed me the picture with the following note: “These were growing up the side of tree. Thought of you immediately.”

Agaricus augustus

Agaricus augustus (The Prince)

Agaricus augustus mushrooms are aptly named The Prince due to it’s edibility. From what I gather, these are quite delicious, though I haven’t had the opportunity to eat one myself.  As with any choice edible, you face stiff competition from fungus gnats and slugs.